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Paddy Connor is the operations manager at NINE & TENNE.  He has worked in the hospitality industry for 20 years and has been skiing in Chatel since he was a child.  He is responsible for every aspect of your stay once you get to resort and ensures that you and your group have the best ski holiday ever.



“Holiday time is really precious – it’s a big part of the year, something I save up for, look forward to, and something that hopefully creates great long lasting memories.  So for me there is nothing worse than an average holiday.  I want everything to be perfect, in fact, better than perfect and it’s often the little things that make the biggest difference.”


At NINE & TENNE we take this very seriously and are always looking for ways to make your holiday time truly special.  Here are just a few little touches we add to every holiday to make sure it’s better than perfect.


  • When travelling with children the transfer to resort can be difficult even though its only 90 minutes, so we have a selection of kids story and music CDs in the bus to help pass the time.


  • Local knowledge is so important wherever you are.  We have skied and lived in Chatel a long time and know all the best secrets which we happily share with our guests.  Our service is like a well-informed and friendly concierge and we are always on hand to answer any questions and point you in the right direction.


  • If you’d like to surprise someone in your group or you’re celebrating a special occasion just let us know and we can arrange all sorts of extra treats such as flowers, a massage or champagne on the mountain.


Special Occasions Nine & Tenne



  • It can be a bit of a drama getting everyone in their skis and boots in the morning ready for a 9am lesson, particularly for beginners.  Our helpful staff are always on hand to help, and to dish out chocolate bars and sweeties for snacks on the slopes.


  • We try to ski with all guests to show them the best slopes and mountain restaurants.  And we also take video footage of the day to serve as a little souvenir to take home and show your friends.


  • One of the best things about a ski chalet holiday is enjoying a meal with friends and family around a big table.  As well as ensuring the food and wine is always exceptional, we work hard to create a perfect atmosphere too – with the right lighting and music, and a roaring log fire to set the scene.


luxury ski holiday chatel



  • For guests travelling with really little ones we offer a ‘Baby Bits’ service to reduce the amount of kit you have to bring in your suitcase.  Just let us know which nappies, wipes or bath bubbles you’d like and we’ll have them ready for you when you arrive.


We include all these little touches as standard, but we also know that every group is different.  During your holiday we try to be as flexible and attentive as possible and add the extra little touches personal to you that will make your holiday time truly memorable.”


Please click here for more information about our luxury ski holidays in Chatel.




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