How to be a great ski chalet host

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So you’re going to do a ski season?

Whether you’re just out of university or taking a sabbatical from your career, doing a ski season is a great opportunity to live in the mountains, spend lots of time socializing with great people, broaden your horizons, and of course SKI EVERY DAY!


Sounds like the ideal job right?! And yes it really is, but to have a successful ski season also takes a lot of hard work and commitment – and there are certainly some ‘less glamorous’ aspects such as cleaning toilets and shoveling snow in a blizzard at 6am!



What does it take to be a really good ski chalet host?

Paddy Connor, owner of NINE & TENNE Chatel gives his top tips:


  • Always have a smile on your face

Enjoy your work, have a positive attitude and everyone will be happy!


  • Be flexible

It’s important to work in a team and get involved with any of the jobs around the chalet, even if you don’t consider it to be under your remit.


  • Pay attention to the little things

Keep the fire roaring, make sure the right music is playing, light candles and create the perfect setting for your guests… it makes all the difference!


A roaring fire and chilled Champagne at Chalet L' class=


  • Work quickly but efficiently

To ensure jobs are done well and you also get as much time on the mountain as possible


  • Remember guest’s favourite drinks or dietary requirements

It really helps to personalize your service offering


  • Get involved

If you’ve got a spare couple of minutes, offer to help children get their ski boots on in the morning, or help little ones with their supper in the evening.


  • Ski as much as you can

Don’t wait for a bluebird day – get out there in all conditions and your skiing will improve beyond measure


  • Get the balance right

Ski seasons involve 3 things – work, skiing, and partying. Work isn’t optional, and it’s important to balance the other 2!


  • If you like it, come back and do another season!

Ski companies will welcome experienced seasonal staff back and it can be a great way of mixing travelling and working. Enjoy!


2 people who work for NINE & TENNE Chatel



Please contact us for our 2015/6 staff vacancies and for more information about doing a ski season.




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